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  1. Gander Academy's Whale Theme Page This site lists links to whales, lesson plans and student activity sheets designed to accompany specific Web sites.
  2. Lolita's Legion This site is for ALL school aged children who care about whales. Don't just read about captive orcas, learn how you can help free them. Lolita needs your help. A captive Orca who wants to go home. Also learn about Corky, and the latest news on Keiko (Free Willy). Start your own Chapter of Lolita's Legion, today.
  3. Third Grade Science Project - Whales from Miss Knight's Third Grade Science Project 1998, Saint John the Baptist School, Brunswick, Maine.
  4. Island School
  5. Chebeague Island School Home Page
  6. Mrs. Silverman's 2nd Grade Class In the Comsewogue School District, New York.
  7. WWW Grade 1 Resources - Bellingham Schools list of marine resources Previewed and prepared by Kristi Champagne, Grade 1 teacher at Carl Cozier Elementary and Linda St. Andre, library-media specialist at Lowell Elementary, Washington State.
  8. The World of Whales - Lisa Wilkes A Scenic Heights Elementary School and The University of West Florida Curriculum Project.
  9. Whangamata Area School, New Zealand Our Home Page is designed to help students at Whangamata Area School, New Zealand get information off the Internet faster, and also to share information with the rest of the world. Visit our Room 16 Whales page.
  10. Chatham High School,NSW, Australia A Progressive High School on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Visit our pages and read about "Willie the Whale" in the Manning River.
  11. Williston Central School Lighthouse On these pages students from the Lighthouse 3rd & 4th grade team share hobbies, interests and favorite internet sites.
  12. Ruth Musser Middle School We, the students in Mr. Llewellyn's 6th grade class, in Rancho Cucamonga, California have been working on whale research reports. To view one of our reports, choose the whale from our list.
  13. The Blake School The second grade has an extensive science research unit on whales, dolphins, and porpoises.
  14. Whales: A Thematic Web Unit Welcome to our Whales home page. This web document provides a thematic unit for cooperative learning across an integrated curriculum which is an interactive resource for teachers, students and parents.


  1. Universidad Nacional de Colmbia. La mejor de Latinoamerica
  2. UNDERGRADUATES College student resources & university directory. Student loans and admissions info as well.

  1. Surfing the Net with Kids by Barbara J. Feldman. Surfing the net can be hazardous for kids. Barbara has reviewed, rated and organized kids sites by topic and chronological order. Find out what Barbara has on whales
  2. Whales: The IMAX Experience 'Whales' brings to the giant screen the drama, joy and poetry of the underwater domain of some of the largest creatures to ever live on earth! The film shows the habitats and lives of the Humpback, Right, Blue and Orca whales, as well as countless other wondrous creatures which share their undersea environs or patrol the shores nearby.

  1. Whale and Dolphin Conservation Page Ariana's 7th grade project that will help make this world a better place. I have chosen to raise money and donate it to an organization that benefits whales and dolphins, because of my lifelong interest in cetaceans.
  2. We have ONLY...O.N.E W.I.L.D. W.O.R.L.D! One Ocean, One Nature, One Day...At A Time...Everyday! Because EXTICTION IS NOT AN OPTION! Saving our Mother Ocean, protecting our valuable and prcious resources for (YOU!) and Future generations! Informational Guide, FUN pages, Links to Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution, Inc, Dolphin Research in Florida, Cousteau Foundation, pages to send to friends! More GREAT learning and FUN is in store!
  3. ESTUARINE Waterfront conservation & environmentalism search directory.
  4. Jeff King Marine Wildlife Artist Marine Wildlife Artist Jeff King brings to his work, his love of marine wildlife and this is reflected in all his paintings and murals.
  5. TheWoWClub
  6. WhaleTimes SeaBed
  7. Whales in the Classroom
  8. Gray Whales with Winston
  9. Whales in Manly Australia
  10. ScubaDad's Fishie Links
  11. Whales of Australia There are about ninety species of whales and dolphins in the world but these pages cover those most commonly seen in Australia.
  12. The Whaleclub - A gathering place for marine mammal enthusiasts The WhaleClub website serves to increase awareness towards marine mammals and the oceans they live in. Dolphins, Whales, and Manatees are ambassadors of the aquatic community.
  13. Whale Songs Welcome to Whale Songs, an educational center about people and whales. The site is presented in conjunction with the International Fund for Animal Welfare's research vessel, 'Song of the Whale'.
  14. Grade 4 Science Home Page - Canadian B.C. curriculum Science activities for the new Canadian B.C. curriculum.
  15. Student Resource Page On this page you will find resources to help with your science and history reports. There are links for whales, bats, earthquakes, volcanoes, plants, astronomy, and California history.
  16. A Look at Whales - Brent Johnson Brent's interest in whales is displayed here.
  17. KIDS' KORNER - Whale Watching & Natural History Presented by the Allcoast Sportsfishing Magazine.
  18. Kids On The Ocean - Koto'95 KOTO is a volunteer run youth program based in Byron Bay, Australia which has been operating sucessfully for five years. Each year KOTO assists up to twenty, 15 to 17 year olds, to take part in The Oceania Project's Whale and Dolphin Expedition in Hervey Bay Queensland.

Personal Home Pages
  1. Jennifer Hopson Jennifer is an author,singer,songwriter & has three titles available.Whale Song, Pirate Treasure (the sequel to Whale Song) & At The Billabong.
  2. Whale Song -Jennifer Hopson
  3. Vanisha's Whale Page Welcome to my page. Here you will learn about my love for whales & dolphins. You can get free wallpaper. Have fun!
  4. Shannons Home Of Poems
  5. Rachelle Rydman's Web Site
  6. Jessi's Locker (Whale Page) Whales and Dolphin Page
  7. Jenny's Home Page by Jenny Robinson, Science Teacher, Byron Bay, Australia.
  8. Whales - The Creatures Beneath Us by Vasili Hadzellis of St Pauls College, Manly, Australia.
  9. Antarctica It is just within the past 100 years that anyone has known anything about Antarctica. It is our main objective to further educate those about our 7th continent- concentrating on the marine life surrounding this pristine environment.
  10. My Cetacean Creation This page is dedicated to all the people who are inspired by the greatest creatures to ever inhabit our great oceans. ~Donna~
  11. Hong Kong Marine Life Page This page takes a look at some of the marine life around Hong Kong and was created as an inspiration for Hong Kong residents and others to take intrest in the conservation of the marine life of Hong Kong, which is coming under increasing pressure from pollution etc.
  12. Killer Whales - Robert Trujillo Introduces the Killer Whale (Orcinus Orca) with this project.
  13. Endangered Species Links A comprehensive list of web sites dedicated to species of animals that are endangered of extinction.

Miscellaneous (for kids)
  1. Search for Whales
  2. People Against Whaling
  3. Books on Crafts, animals, wildlife

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